I am Erik Beekhuizen, a resourceful and result-driven professional. Therefore, I am able to quickly analyze and implement change successfully. My main drive is to deliver tangible results in dynamic market environments. After all, customers and stakeholders success is measured by the performance of the business. The Internal Organization, Business, Culture and ICT are flexible key enablers to achieve this performance. Through my extensive academic knowledge and experience in operational activities, combined with managerial result oriented attitude and hands-on mentality, I am quickly accepted in various Senior management roles in area of interim-, project-, program- and supplier management.



Contact information

Phone : +31 (0)6 41 43 74 89 | E-mail : | KvK : 62194402 | BTW : 181554719B01

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Beekhuizen Management & Consultancy is a proud sponsor of the Opkikker foundation.


Prolonged illness requires a lot of perseverance and energy of a child. The often lengthy treatments and hospitalizations are a heavy burden on the child, like the uncertainty that comes with it and a constant reminder that their friends are able to lead a normal life. Also for the other family members the disease has far-reaching consequences. Mum, Dad,  brothers and sisters have to adapt their lives and have to deal with worries and insecurities. Sparks of hope are in these situations of great importance. In a difficult period, beautiful and  funny moments will give a very intense experience to the child and its familie members. They contribute to the mental condition of the child and the rest of the family. Opkikker Foundation provides these sparks of hope. Some two thousand times a year we surprise families with a chronically ill child with a memorable Opkikker-day. During this day of relaxation and fun, not only the sick child, but all members of the family are able to enjoy. Afterwards the family receives a video to enjoy that day over and over again. This way a Opkikker-day will last a life time.